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Coping to the App crash is limited.
It is a solution that automatically reports when mobile application crashes
Success Story
Why T-MCM?
Are you fine if your valuable contents is leaked?
· It is needed to protect against plagiarizing the contents such as mobile education service, comics, web comics, game, media and etc.
· It may make economic loss if the mobile contents is leaked from the screen, for example by screen capture
T-MCM is the data leak preventive solution for mobile to prevent the illegal leak of various types of data and contents from mobile device.
Success Story
Invisible Text Government Employees Pension Service (GEPS)

[Application Reason]
· Having been developed as SNS service in U.S, "Invisible Text" has the function to delete the conversation contents within minutes after chatting
· T-MCM was needed to prevent capturing the chatting contents and strengthen the security of internet messenger

[Expected Efects]
· T-MCM prevents leak of both confdential and private contents through internet messenger
· With T-MCM, Invisible Text can enhance the security performance of internet messenger

[Application Reason]
· As the government ofers pension when public ofcers are retired, ill or pass away, GEPS began to provide mobile app service for public ofcer's pension to increase convenience
· The ofcials' personal information is included in GEPS' app so T-MCM was considered to protect information

[Expected Efects]
· T-MCM can make GEPS app provide safe mobile service by preventing screen capture of the ofcials' personal information displayed in mobile screen

Why T-MediaWall?
Why do you just let your valuable contents being hacked
· Concern about illegal leakage when the contents is distributed without proper security measures
· Possibility of infringement of your contents' copyright
· Economic loss incurred by using your contents without permission
T-MediaWall is "the digital contents security solution in CD version" to protect your contents (such as e-book, multimedia and etc.) when they are distributed.
Forming security zone Real-time security Protection against leak
· Forming Secure Zone in CD
· Managing Secure Zone
· Not possible to copy to unauthorized CD or devices
· File encryption when saving
· File Using NTFS format
· Only authorized persons can access the Secure Zone
· Preventing screen capture and controlling print to secure the contents (*Option)
Success Story
Why having applied it?
· Tokyo Shoseki is the largest provider in education contents market and was using the security solutions provided by Teruten
· Because of network issues, Tokyo Shoseki started to distribute the contents via CD to provide them through online
· T-MediaWall was introduced to protect the economic loss incurred by illegal use
Expected Effects
· Protecting the contents distributed via CD
· Preventing running in unauthorized CD or other devices, which prevents illegal distributions
· Preventing the economic loss by protecting the copyright
Why T-SecurePDF?
Do you still suffer from complaints because of attached file read error?
· Incurring unnecessary cost because of setting up separate attached file system by OS, devices and browser
· Need for customer service for various environment due to increased use of mobile devices
· Customer complaints increased because of attachment file read error
T-SecurePDF Process
T-SecurePDF is the e-mail statement service based on PDF which can be read in diverse environment regardless of OS, device and browser, so it can be used for the companies sending mass mails (statements, bills, etc.) to clients.
· Able to read using PDF reader, which is international standard format
· AES 256 encryption, supplied by PDF in itself, applied
· Possible to read from any device using PDF viewer without installing additional SW
· Supports multi-platform OS
Success Story
"E-MAIL security statement service" set up for SKT, #1 telecom company in Korea

Why T-SecurePDF?
· Security vulnerable in existing Active X based HTML statement
· Need solution that opens statement from mobile without additional app solution that can open from multiple platform required
· Increased burden to call center because of calls complaining statement files not open

Expected Effects
· Possible to read from various environment, which leads to zero customer complaint
· Supports multiple platforms with single service, which leads to cost saving

  Before After
Cost Saving High cost of setting up separate service for each diferent platform by OS, browser, or device · Save cost by using single email statement service applied regardless of platform
Convenience Causing complaint call caused by statement open error · Able to read statement with only general purpose PDF viewer
· Increased convenience by reading fles from any OS, device and browser
· Decreased workload of call center due to less complaint
Application Area

[Finance] Attachment service, such as e-mail banking statements
[Public] Public utility bills such as electricity, gas, water, etc.
[Enterprise] Attachment file for mass mail service such as phone bill

Why T-WebCube?
Confidential info or paid contents can be leaked by anyone? Education, comics, video contents can be easily leaked with screen capture tool.
· Increased illegal copy due to increased contents service through web
· Economic loss due to unpermitted use of paid contents, such as lectures, comics, e-books, images, etc.
T-WebCube Security Concept
T-WebCube is a "PC screen security solution" that protects enterprise from illegal leak of confidential information and paid contents displayed through web browser
· Screen security applied to the environment of PC, Web and CS
· Supports multi browser such as IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Fire Fox
Success Story
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