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Necessity for Introducing G-Cast
All organizations must focus on recognizing and solving problems
· NIH(not-invented-here) obstacle: a closed behavior of accepting only internal competency
· Problem recognition obstacle: fear of competition, restricted incentive, and loss of power
· Information delivery obstacle : difficulty in delivering one's expert knowledge and know-how, lack of unity
On-site support solution focusing on collaboration and communication
On-site Support Status Management Manager Dashboard
· Situation reception by area
· Situation reception by group
· Situation reception by employee
· History management of situational broadcasting
· Online history management
· Statistics Management
· On-site support situational management
· Quick report & response
· Map-based monitoring
· Operation of mobile situation room
Success Story
Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation(KOEM) Branch Office Cleanup Response Plan – Major Details
· Branch office cleanup system & response organization
· Regional feature assessment
· Report & communication system
· Cleanup manpower & device support
· Cleanup education & training, PR
· Virtual contamination scenario & response strategy
Major References
· Republic of Korea Army (Web version under service)
· Wonju City Office (trial service)
· Korea Energy Agency (BMT completed)
· Yeongyang-gun (expected in Nov.)
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