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Necessity for Application
What is the main reason behind increase of customer complaints?
· No verification of how filed complaints are being handled
· Unclear handling and notification of the period of response, inner progress, solution, etc.
· No feedback regarding level of satisfaction of the submitter
e-Petition enables online petition request, status monitoring, and quick and efficient handling.
Request Handling Response
· Petition request using various means and devices
· Citizen can request anytime, anywhere
· All internal communication are made using e-document
· Easy and faster collaboration by sharing informatio
· Response can be made using the same means as request, or by other means preferred by requester
· Faster response lead time
Why apply it?
· More and more citizen have access to internet using their mobile device
· Integrates online handling and conventional offline work
· Effective internal communication and collaboration
Success Story
VOP(Voice of Portal)
A system for submitting and handling safety reports, complaints, and improvement suggestions to public organizations by the public

· The inquired matters from various routes (visit, phone call, web-site), including the reporter & suggestions for improvement will be managed in a single department, and unifed response will be provided for similar inquiries
· Co-utilization of system from 330 government & local government ofces
Integrated Customer Management System
Utilization as help desk for customer inquiries such as construction & request for defect examination in construction management sites

· Inquiries related to daily inconveniences for apartment or building residents such as leakage and outer wall paint, along with other matter related to construction will be managed through registration & handling process
· The handling progress of inquiries are open and notifed
Job Request Processing System
Establishment of system for job request processing & information sharing between banks & card companies

· Direct response from help desk, or transfer of inquiry to the relevant department/manager
· Urgent requests can be processed even during leave of person in charge as the system serves as a knowledge sharing window of know-how
Expected Effects
· Convenient petition request
· Faster response
· Easier collaboration
· Fast exchange of opinions between customer & operating organization
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