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Necessity for Introducing EntMan-Pro
Manage inventory, accounting, and various reports by simply accessing the internet, regardless of time and place
· Work processing in limited space
· Difficulty in managing large amounts of data and writing reports
· Confusion due to large amounts of warehousing and delivery
The ERP-type distribution management software allows real-time data insert and management, regardless of time and location, serving as an essential product for the management of distribution company
Product Environment Product Security Product Convenience
· Product Environment
· Microsoft Windows 7
· Microsoft Windows 8
· Microsoft Windows 10
· IDC security
· Server security
· DB security
· User security
· All-around security based on 4 way system
· Fast speed based on OneSource environment
· Increase of work efficiency using B2B system
· Convenient features for staff
· Fast & accurate processing using barcode
Reason for Application
· Increase of loss rate due to wrong delivery & loss of inventory based on large amounts of warehousing and delivery
· Confusion in work process due to inventory phone calls and orders
· Inventory confusion based on manual insert of purchase and sales
· Increase of staff due to large amounts of work
Application Effects
· Realization of customer satisfaction based on fast processing, reduction of work confusion through purchase/sales insert using barcode
· Decrease of workload for staff members by introducing B2B system, leading to reduction of order calls and inventory inquiries(Decrease of staff members : cost reduction)
· Realization of customer satisfaction through B2B system introduction, leading to inquiry function of order status and bill
· Smooth work flow through mobile utilization, leading to reduction of inventory & cost inquiry of HMT sales individuals
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