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Why OnGrid
As a Web Grid created from pure JAVA script without Active-X, this platform conforms to international WEB standards and provides a strong and extensive UI development & convenient application development environment
· 40% enhanced, strong development productivity compared to current product
· Establishment of consistent and unified UI, UX
· Supports development conforming to international Web standard technology (HTML5, CSS)
· Provides outstanding performance & maximization of developing convenience
Features & Advantages of OnGrid
OnGrid UI, UX Platform possesses the following features and advantages, conforming to Web standards and enhancing development productivity
· Not based on Active-X
· Utilizes pure JAVA script based on HTML5, CSS
· Supports various browsers (IE, safari, firefox, chrome, etc.)
· Supports any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) / Responsive screen display
· Provides Image Font Icon (Vector Icon)
· Various data display components External data linked processing (xlsx, txt, csv, etc. )
· Not dependent on server OS
· Used in all WAS servers ( tomcat, IIS, Weblogic, WebSphere, JEUS, etc.)
Various Data Display Components Extensive Data Processing Features Strong Grid Features
· Text data
· Check box
· Combo box
· Radio box
· Image
· Price & numbers
· Calendar date
· Website link
· Data Searching
· Hide columns
· Move columns
· Sorting
· Grouping
· Data filtering
· Tree-type structure
· Supports functions such as
· sum, average, etc.
· Context Menu structure
· Row focusing
· Lock frame
· Styling (color, font, etc.)
· Wordwrapping
· Multi-Grid
· Tab-Grid
· Main-type Grid
· N-screen (mobile)
Business Area & Effects
[Major Business Area]
· Various external and external operation management system establishment areas that require multirecord processing including integrated operation management, HR management, process management, stock management, accounting management, and network management
[Reason for Introduction]
· Requirement of various functions at Excel level, reduction of business expense through tool application, various device support with single source management
[Effectiveness of Introduction]
· 40% cost reduction for business expense and developing period, convenient maintenance and development productivity enhancement through consistent UI
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