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BizRunner BridgeOffice MultiView
Necessities for Application
Are you thinking about a cooperative system that provides quick response to the fast changing business environment?
· Lack of environment for interactive cooperation due to space limitations
· Decline of Job productivity due to lack of core information & knowledge sharing
· Shortage of system re-composition capabilities that allows fast response to Job environment changes
BizRunner's powerful wizard feature allows for fast and easy establishment of cooperative environment and various Job systems necessary for new business environments
Strong Wizard Feature Smart Cooperation Outstanding Expandability
· Provides various types of templates
· Drag&Drop / WYSWYG method provides easy screen display
· Easy re-configuration of system through tilizing SKD
· Optimized cooperative space for team Job
· Real-time on-site Job linked with mobile
· Systematic accumulation and sharing of Job info and knowledge
· Supports any Platform (Java, .NET server environment)
· Supports various DBMS (ms-sql, oracle, tibero, etc.)
· Utilization of various Job system
Business Expansion
Major References
Problems of Manual Administration Work based on paper document
· Paper and postal-based document delivery system takes a lot of time with manual work between department or agency.
· It takes much time to search archives of paper documents.
· It is a formidable task to track lost document when it is a paper one.
· It is impossible to read, borrow or copy the document when it is already borrowed, which leads to delay of work.
· Long-time preservation of important paper documents concern with decay, damage, or loss and the relevant cost for archive such as building, human resource, and maintenance is constantly increasing as well.
· Whenever the document format changes, relevant paper printing is needed accordingly and the new format should be distributed manually.
BridgeOffice is an e-approval system based on e-document, can support faster decision making, and enhances efficiency of administrative works by effectively utilizing and managing approved documents.
BridgeOffice can also integrally manage paper and electronic document of an organization, and can send/receive e-documents to other rganizations using BridgeOffice.
Major Functions
Major screens
Necessity for Introducing MultiView
Does your office hold lots of meetings and business trips? Do you need large-scale seminar and educational services?
· Our video conference solution strengthens corporate competitiveness as well as providing an environ- ment for making quick decisions through establishing a virtual conference space for customers with needs for cost reduction due to frequent business trips and meetings.
· In addition, our customers will be able to expect large scale cost reduction in terms of space rental and manpower through our online video conference solution for educational events and seminars.
MultiView Video Conference Solution
MultiView provides high quality video and audio communication (HD resolution, high quality audio), real-time content sharing, and connection with various devices. We provide an environment for smart collaboration by establishing an optimized use of communication and system.
MultiView Video Conference Features
· Video conference
· Document sharing
· Video sharing & File transfer
· Message transfer
· Screen sharing / Program sharing
· Mobile app (Android / iOS)
· Various video conference: supports 25 different screen modes ncluding 1~72 screen, HD screen, seminar, etc.
· Document sharing : supports various formats and printable document formats
· Multimedia sharing : supports web sharing, desktop & program sharing, video sharing & multimedia data sharing
Success Story
Video Conference / Seminar
The Nara-e-Eum government collaboration system video service provides communication between cabinets, public organizations and local governments
· Provided fast cooperation between administrative organizations, afliated organizations and local governments
· Supports simultaneous use of up to 1,000 users, and viewing of 72 diferent screens
· The general public can consult civil afairs while viewing the video
Direct transfer of training contents to large group of individuals (up to 450) participating in training seminars
· Webinar type symposium allows for active communication with doctors
· Contribution to sales increase through fast service
· Necessity of fexible SW type solution which has no space restriction
· Decrease of time and carbon emission compared to direct visit
Video Conference / Seminar
Fast training of quick-changing mobile phone sales policies
· Direct transfer of training contents to large group of individuals through the seminar-type training
· Decrease of training cost, business trip and transportation cost compared to ofine training
Major References
We are providing service to over 3,000 client companies, along with 300 organizations including 58 local governments, public organizations, fnance/telecom/manufacture/ distribution companies.
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